February 23, 2015 Update

Greetings from Bangladesh!

Francille and I are very grateful for all the prayers of you who are, laboring on the home front. It is very obvious that our Heavenly Father has heard your prayer.

We left for India not having any contacts there at all. But for about a year now we have been praying for the Miso people that live in the state of Mizoram. We have been praying also for the hill people in Myanmar and Bangladesh.  After reading a missionary book by Adoniram Judson. I was impressed that our Father is preparing them to minister to millions of Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims.

We have managed to make some contact with the Chin people in Myanmar, with Richard McDaniel and James Bonner going there and ministering among them. And we are looking forward in seeing more discipling done among them. I thought the church could have grown significantly since the late 1800’s but I did not know, nor have any idea of their spiritual condition.

We managed to find a hotel on the internet in the capital, Aizawl, I wasn’t able to book it. But I had peace in heart that this was where we were going to stay.  So I prayed for the Lord to give a good contact person at the hotel.  It turned out that the contact person was part owner of the hotel and a firm believer in Christ. Her name is Dolly. She immediately started calling people of influence in the Christian community.  The Christian TV station has their recording studio right next door. We met a retired Salvation Army brother named Rova. He made arrangements for Francille and I to be interviewed on TV. Then I preached two sermons of about an hour each.

On Sunday we ministered in two different churches. One dear old saint we met (81 yrs old) who has a missionary training school has invited us back to teach in his school. Please keep these things in prayer.

As most of you are aware, Austin Ball and the Burwell family have been ministering here in Bangladesh for some time now.

This is our very first time visiting and it is a very interesting place. People are everywhere; needy people, for whom Christ suffered. Eighty percent are Muslim and hard of heart. There are few Christians among them. We met some very fine Baptist brothers who have a very active ministry.

Austin and the Burwells have been in fellowship with some Baptist Christians. We went with them to fellowship last Friday and they invited me to preach this coming Friday. Please pray. From what I have been told the church has actually reduced in numbers by a lot. This is a serious matter and easy to understand when you are living in such a place where almost everybody is opposed to the Gospel. What can we minister to help them become encouraged and strengthened in the faith? One of the things missing here and in our country as well is discipleship.

Jack, Austin and I have been going out preaching and we manage to get the gospel out to quite a few people.

At this time we are still restrained from going out to the hill district. I understand that among the Bam tribe that there are about seven thousand believers. Please pray our Father would make a way to make disciples among them.

James and Francille

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